Marly Uyma Lüske


If I'm not at the studio producing and recording music for my lovely clients, I'm usually making music at home..

For me, composing is my main ambition in life. I just can't stop. The styles are all very different, and I usually write what I feel on the day.


For Music i make ~ here




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below are a few other remixes and various projects I've been part of
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It's been awhile since the last disembraining event was held at Alchemix, also known as the Tidy space. Must say it was rather special documenting these type of sonic treatments in Brisbane, including some sorted after rarities. All material in player recorded by me with help from mates.


For updates on all things Disembraining, visit the Disembraining Label Site






creative process


In relation to when i make music by myself


Per project, I have a text doc where i write project conditioning rules. Overall, I've found of late, that making sketches, allows me to prove that the rules are unique and suitable. Reminds me to stretch the ideas further then first imagined to create different results. Fine tuning how to start an idea, that type of thing. The abstraction from the conditions at play will create perhaps the theme for each project.. Then the name, a link to the vision, an afterthought, or a key word to bring up the newly tested perception.


Once the conditions and sketches are full of interest and curiosity, and the technology chosen to make the project has become invisible, its just a matter of getting on and doing it. Designating time for the fast focused completion.


Then I guess you release it, somehow... If any of these projects have an additional afterthought, perhaps something of an exhibiting cluster birth can be proclaimed to the Aether.



Example of a Moniker


brisbane beat sessions



scraps 7"


Finally got the 7" vinyls back from the pressing company, after a long lazy period. I produced 3 tracks for Laura last year, recorded and mixed it at my home studio, and mastered it at Alchemix.


Scraps plays all the music and created the front and back covers. It looks great. Part of the Disembraining label 7" series. Read about disembraining here.


brisbane beat sessions


Here is a track from the Vinyl. You can also visit the Bandcamp to purchase the release right here





remix exchange


What up... around 2009 or a bit further back I did a remix exchange project with Warp Records artist, "Bibio".


Here is my remix of his track, Tribio. Search for the original on You Tube. Its a calm Nostalgic track, in which I destroyed the ambience, but kept the melody alive. A few days work on this one. Just manually cutting and pasting all sounds. I played in the guitar parts and bass parts myself using good gear and bad gear.


Below this clip is Bibio's remix of my track Smell.

He added his customary Bibio sound, also playing in a lot of the parts a fresh.